What I Hate about My Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Sounds like I’m trolling but I’m really not.  There is very little I actually dislike about my Surface Pro 4 – I have the i7 version with 16GB of memory and it just WORKS!

I’ve had an iPad, laptops, and other portable devices but my Surface Pro does more of what I want more easily and quickly than anything I’ve ever owned.

Before I share what I dislike (hate is such a strong word), let me list what I love:

  • Everything I need to work or play fits in my small backpack.
  • The surface keypad is a joy to type on.
  • The screen is large and bright.
  • It’s just fun to use.

So what’s “bad” about it?  I have two small complaints:

  • If you have all your settings cranked to maximum, the battery life is very minimal.  I can go from 100% to 20% in less than an hour if I’m running a YouTube video or even a Facebook game.
    • Of course, I could change the settings to crank everything down to save battery but it changes the performance I’m used to when plugged in.
  • It’s Wi-Fi only which is fine for Starbucks or anywhere I can find reliable Wi-Fi.
    • I’ve solved this one with an LTE hotspot but I always enjoyed my iPad having built in LTE.  I realize the next generation Surface will offer LTE  but I’m probably not going to update just for that!

I’ve also been able to “fix” the battery life issue and will cover that in a separate post.

What do you “hate” about your Surface Pro?

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